About Us

We are a Social Enterprise which works mainly for Grassroots Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) with the vision that every social organisation should be sustainable, performing well and creating social change. We believe that grassroots NGOs and CBOs have potential to create social change as they are very closely connected with community and have in-depth sense of community issues.But these change makers of India need development skills and handholding support to createmultiplier effect on community. We provide a range of services such as NGO Capacity Building Service (NCB), NGO Consultation & Documentation Service (NCD), Research Service, CSR Project Development & Management Service (CSRPDMS), and GlocalBodh Service (GB).


Every social organisation is sustainable, performing well and creating social change


To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of grassroots organisations

To create a support system for NGOs and CBOs to achieve their goals



Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It implies doing the right thing even when no one is watching. This value sits at the very heart of the ideology and service provided by Renovate India. The team at RI always make sure that they stand for the truth and convey the same through their actions to the people associated with them.


At Renovate India it is believed and strongly advocated that everyone at our Organisation and those associated with us are treated equally, in keeping with the respect for each one’s dignity and human rights. Every member of the team and all associated people are seen as resourceful and skilled individuals and each one’s contribution is recognized and respected at RI.


The meaning of this value implies an obligation on the part of the organisation to be committed and to take responsibility for every action performed. Each member practices this value by individually being dedicated to the work assigned and also displaying ownership for the decisions taken within and on behalf of RI.

Team work

Teamwork typically implies a process of people working well together, using their individual skills and supporting each other by providing constructive feedback. This value is followed like a religion and is the strength of Renovate India. Every practice, programme and decision taken is finalized only after the deliberation and consultation of each member of the team.

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