About GlocalBodh

The GlocalBodh app from Renovate India is a ONE STOP SOLUTION to your NGO / Social Sector / Development sector needs. WE HAVE ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU REQUIRE AT ONE PLACE.

What is in the App: Everything! (Of Course related to NGOs)

5 Reasons why everyone around you is talking about this app:

Funding Updates
Access a list of grant funding opportunities for NGOs and CBOs from State & Central Government, CSR, funding agencies, funding partners and individuals.

Job Update
Apply to a wide range of job opportunities from Social Organizations near you according to your interest and get hired from relevant recruiters. Get personalized job recommendations catering to all your needs without downloading any separate app.

Events Update
Attend conferences, seminars, webinars, cultural shows, funding events to help gain attention of donors, media and important stakeholders

Request for Proposal/Tenders
Get information about request for proposal (RFPs), expression of interest (EOI), tenders and bids for NGOs and CBOs.

News Update
Update yourself and your organisation with the latest happenings in the social sector. Because, why stay outdated when you can get updated.

What Else in the store?

CSR Funding Eligibility Test
A CSR Experts recommended test, which gives you an opportunity to self-examine the strengths and weaknesses of your organization in terms of legal compliance, income tax, external communication, office administration, human resource management, financial management, fundraising management and information system.