Employee Volunteering

About Employee Volunteering

The introduction of our Employee Volunteering Service (E.V.) marks a significant milestone for our organisation. Our E.V. service enables us to engage with Corporates (H.R.) to positively impact the community and society, improving the company's social value and contribution to society.

About Employee Volunteering

Encourage Employee Engagement

Our Employee Volunteering Service (E.V.) is our latest offerings. Taking a proactive approach towards employee engagement has become crucial for organisations in today’s business climate. Through our E.V. service we work with Corporates (H.R.) to positively impact the community and society, improving the company's social value and contribution to society. The positive impact enhances the company's brand image and contribution to society. When employees are involved in co-creation and understand the reasons for change, they are more likely to support and adopt the organization’s culture.

Companies with employee-led volunteering programs have higher job satisfaction and retention rates and fosters leadership development and decision-making skills. This service includes comprehensive planning and executing your volunteering program.

Creating Positive Impact

Creating Positive Impact

Cultivating a culture that encourages employee engagement in voluntary activities can generate profound benefits for the community. Through their altruistic endeavors, employees make substantial contributions to local causes, such as beach/ park cleaning, spending quality time with senior citizens or mentoring marginalized youth. The dedicated hours and energy invested by employees in their voluntary pursuits play an integral role in enriching the lives of the individuals they serve, thereby fostering an atmosphere characterized by increased positivity and support.

Key Features

These key features are designed to make your Employee Volunteering Service a valuable and impactful addition to your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Tailored Volunteering Programs

We design customized volunteering initiatives to align with your corporate goals and values, ensuring that the activities resonate with your employees and the community.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team provides expert guidance throughout the planning and execution of volunteering programs, ensuring they run smoothly and effectively.

Measurable Impact

We help you track and measure the impact of your volunteering efforts, providing data-driven insights into your contributions to society and employee engagement.

Monitoring at Multiple Locations

We understand key challenges in Employee Volunteering - Onground Monitoring at Multiple Locations. Our efficient Location Coordinators and Executives provide end-to-end support for seamless execution.

PAN India NGOs Support

Get the best out of our PAN India Network of 3000+ NGOs in 16 different states of the nation for your office branches.

CSR Reporting Support

We assist in gathering and presenting data for your corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting, enhancing transparency and accountability in your CSR efforts.

Benefits for Corporates

Benefits for Corporates

By partnering with our E.V. service, corporations can proactively contribute to the well-being of their local communities and society at large. This engagement positively impacts a company's social value, fostering a stronger brand image that resonates with both customers and employees. As socially responsible organizations, companies can distinguish themselves in the market and build trust with their stakeholders.

  • Improved Social Value and Brand Image
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention
  • Leadership Development and Decision-Making Skills
  • Enhanced Company Culture
  • Comprehensive Planning and Execution