Employee Volunteering

Challenges In Employee Volunteering

  • Identification of Appropriate Implementation Partner
  • Difficulty in Mobilising Employees for the Activity
  • Lack of Innovation in Employee Engagement Activities
  • Issues with Organizing and Coordinating On-ground Events
  • Difficulty in Monitoring events at multiple locations
  • Issues with Real-time Reporting

Root Causes

Lack of Resources to conduct activities

Resources constraint to conduct activities activities at multiple locations

Time Constraint

Drafting mails, agendas, scope, onboarding NGOs within given time

Lack of PAN India Network

Limited connect with Appropriate Implementation Partner at multiple locations

Challenges in Exploring Opportunities within Social Sector

Challenges to understand numerous beneficiaries, gaps and opportunities within societ

How We Help

How We Help

  • Unique Customized Activities
  • Thematic NGOs are on-boarded
  • Complete Planning and Execution
  • Holistic Engagement of the Volunteers
  • Community Driven Initiatives