NGO Capacity Building Service

About NGO Capacity Building

At Renovate India, we partner with Grassroots NGOs and CBOs through our flagship service, “NGO Capacity Building Service”

We believe that every social organisation should attain self-sufficiency, extraordinary performance, and progressive social change

About NGO Capacity Building

NGO Management Course_Capacity Building For NGOs

Our ‘NGO Management Course’ empowers grassroots NGOs/ CBOs to integrate their vision, and shape a future where communities flourish, thus leading to a Win-Win situation for all. We have developed a Hybrid NGO Management Course delivered through our GlocalBodh APP. Post pandemic, the virtue of accepting tech-based products has increased, breaking the entry barrier within the Development Sector of India. Leveraging this opportunity, we intend to serve a larger audience and elevate ‘Capacity Building Intervention’ with technical advantage. We have already developed the 10 video modules for our Hybrid NGO Management Certificate Course. For this course we on-board a batch of 25 NGOs and CBOs and conduct virtual classroom sessions with them over a course of a year.

We conduct various sessions with them on modules such as NGO Governance, Legal Compliances for NGOs, Basics of H.R.M. for NGOs, Basics of Accounting and Financial Management for NGOs, Basics of M.I.S. for NGOs, Report Writing, Project Development and Management, Resource Mobilisation and FundRaising and Social Marketing for NGOs.

About NGO Capacity Building

Engaging sessions by Master Trainers + Handholding Support !

These sessions help them understand how their organisation can perform better and go beyond the traditional set standards of interventions and make that dent of desired long term impact in the community. We offer exclusive handholding support to our selected NGO/ CBO partners and thus build their capacities. They become armed and well equipped with new skill-sets and professional management approaches to solve the community issues that they intend to solve in their chosen thematic area (field of work). Upon successful completion of the course, the NGOs are issued a ‘NGO Management certificate’ from Renovate India.

Key Features

Exclusively informative videos

Animated Videos to understand complex concepts in simple ways

Delivered in Hindi

Content in Regional Language especially for Grassroots NGOs/ CBOs

Seasoned professionals from the sector

Delivered by Industry Professionals and Experts

Personalized Mentoring & Handholding

Personalised support through One-to-One guidance sessions

Practical assignments

Get your Organisation's essential documentation, processes and systems on point through Practical Assignments

Course Completion Certificate

Achieve Certification accredited by renowned universities

Benefits of NGO

Benefits to NGOs

NGOs are able to:
  • Replicate their existing Projects
  • Increase the outreach of the existing Projects
  • Make positive modifications in the existing activities/projects
  • Explore New thematic area
  • Raise Funds through new avenues