About Us

Renovate India

We are a Social Enterprise that works mainly with the Grassroots NGOs/ CBOs and CSRs with the vision that every social organisation should be sustainable, performing well and creating social change.

Our Story

We strongly believe that grassroots NGOs and CBOs possess the capability to initiate social change as they enjoy a close connection with the community and possess an intricate understanding of multiple community issues and their comprehensive solutions. To amplify the impact on the community, these agents of change require top professional skills with exclusive hand-holding support. In alignment with our vision, "NGO Capacity Building Service" is our Flagship product - driven by the fundamental belief that every social organization should attain self-sufficiency & extraordinary performance for progressive social change.

We also provide a range of other services such as Research Service, CSR Project Development & Management Service (CSRPDMS), and Employee Volunteering (E.V.). Renovate India aspires to diversify and undertake innovative approaches in achieving organisational sustainability and growth of all our clients and partners thus leading to community development as well as nation-building. We proudly consider ourselves a learning organisation, constantly evolving throughout this transformative journey.

Our Team

Our Journey

Started with a Vision to empower the Grassroots NGOs & CBOs

Began offering NGO consultation & documentation services

Began offering NGO Capacity Building services

Developed ODP - Organization Development Program

Developed LDP - Learning and Development Program

Renovate India WhatsApp helpline- reached 3000 NGOs pan Maharashtra

Research Service to meet the growing needs of our CSR clients and NGOs

We adapted & evolved during the Pandemic

  • CSR Project Management and Development Service
  • GlocalBodh (meaning Global knowledge at local level) App.
  • Employee Volunteering (E.V.) service