CSR - Project Development and Management Service

About CSR Project Development and Management

Renovate India is honored to showcase the CSR- Project Development and Management Service (CSRPDMS) as one of the most recent additions to our comprehensive suite of services. This service enables us to forge collaborations with Corporates (CSR) to expertly carry out and supervise their CSR projects.


Collaborations with SHARED VISION !

Renovate India proudly presents the CSR- Project Development and Management Service (CSRPDMS) as its latest service offering. Through this service, we forge partnerships with Corporates (CSR) to expertly execute and oversee their CSR projects. Our competitive advantage resides in our proficiency in overseeing large scale Pan India Projects. To ensure that our projects are strategically aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we employ a rigorous needs assessment process. Additionally, we prioritize efficient and effective project implementation within the community by appointing exclusive location coordinators from grassroots NGOs/ CBOs.

Our Process


Project Designing

  • Community Need Assessment
  • Blueprint of the proposal
  • Executive Plan

Orientation and Training

  • Training and Orientation of Implementing NGOs/CBOs
  • Training and Orientation of Location Coordinators

Project Monitoring

  • Project Execution
  • Weekly Meets with implementing NGO's and CBO's & Location Coordinators
  • Monitoring of these NGO's / CBO's & Location Coordinators

Reporting & Documentation

  • Reporting from Implementing NGO's / CBO's & Location Coordinators
  • Submission of Final Progress Report
  • Submission of Utilization Certificate