What We Cover

Renovate India conducts several types of research studies to meet the client's specific needs through its Research Service, including.

Baseline Study, Mid-line study, End line Study, Need Assessment and Impact Assessment.

Research What We Cover

Need Assessment

A Needs assessment study is a process to understand the needs of the community and design your projects to meet their needs accordingly. It is a systematic process of identifying & analysing the gaps between the current situation & the desired outcomes of your program. It helps you to prioritise your goals, design your interventions, and evaluate the impact.

Baseline Study

A Baseline study is an initial assessment conducted before the implementation of an intervention or project to gather data on the current situation, attitudes, and behaviours of the target population. The data collected serves as a reference point against which progress can be measured and evaluated throughout the project cycle.

Midline Study

The overall objective of the Midline study is to assess the extent of achievements of the programme/ projects against the targets, understand the factors enabling and disabling the achievement of the set targets, the extent of ownership built within the community and capture key learnings from the implementation experience thus far.

Endline Study

An Endline evaluation is conducted to evaluate the project’s implementation and to measure its impact on the targeted beneficiaries by assessing the project’s achievement on its outputs and outcomes. The results of the endline evaluation are vital in determining the success of the intervention in achieving the project objectives.

Impact Assessment

There is a very important correlation between the mission and strategic goals of an organisation. Impact Assessment is an approach that is used by many organisations to determine the effectiveness of the tasks and the activities that the organisation is currently carrying out and judging the significance of changes brought about by those activities.

Social ROI

Social Return on Investment (SROI) measures the social, environmental, and economic value created by a business or project. This methodology involves identifying and valuing all of an investment's social and environmental impacts and then comparing those impacts to the financial cost of the investment. It allows the investors to understand the financial return on their investment and the broader social and environmental benefits created.